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The Background

Unyson is a leading multi-modal transportation solutions provider that is part of Hub Group, Inc. They approached us to revamp their entire website as part of their 10-year anniversary rebrand.

One of the primary goals of the new website was to create a sales tool for generating new leads. The logistics industry is quite saturated, but Unyson has unique offers while providing a great value to its customer. The new website focused on how Unyson saves their clients money. We created a calculator that allows visitors to discover these savings.

We worked together with key players at Unyson in order to best understand their process and translate it into a visual experience. It was imperative that we weren't taking artistic liberties, so we presented and reworked the design from client feedback in order to accurately depict everything. The hard work paid off because we created a fun tool their teams could direct future clients to.

Built for Conversions

Designed and built to engage and convert visitors to leads

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Unyson's value proposition is that it saves you money. To back this claim up, we built a calculator that allows visitors to answer 9 questions about their current business situation to reveal an estimated annual savings that Unyson could provide.

Once a visitor completes the questionnaire, we prompt them to provide their contact information to feed into the client's sales pipeline.

kohactive is an innovative force that will truly surprise you. They continue to question the status quo throughout the engagement to provide a better product and end solution. Our website finally reflects who we are because of kohactive's vision.
Jaime McLiverty, Senior Manager; Marketing, Unyson


Simplifying a complicated order process lifecycle

Unyson's order process lifecycle is an intricate and complicated system. Our goal was to simplify this process by guiding the user through the entire process. We used illustrations and a vertical layout to narrate the story of how Unyson's technologies provide incredible savings for their customers.

The process of creating this design required art, copywriting and UX. Working with their team we storyboarded the experience on paper and then created high-fidelity wireframes of the entire experience. Once we had it right we created a beautiful design filled with illustrations and iconography to tell the story.

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The Design

Clean, flat, intuitive and easy to use interface

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Designed and built to fit your lifestyle.

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A combination of cutting-edge front and back-end technologies selected for Unyson.