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Custom Insurance Software

Reducing contractor dispatching from hours to minutes through process automation.


Company Overview

Select Home Warranty is a nationwide home appliance insurance company based out of New York that has been providing best in service insurance for almost a decade. SHW provides customers with insurance for their everyday household appliances like refrigerators, HVAC, water heater, microwave, and much more.

When a customer's appliance breaks down, SHW will dispatch a local, trusted contractor from their large pool of 10,000+ contractors. Their support team helps customers quickly get their appliances repaired or replaced without having to break the bank.

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Business Challenge

Appliances break down all the time, especially once they are past warranty. When the unexpected happens, a customer files a claim with Select Home Warranty to cover their repair or replacement. From there, a claims representative will reach out to local contractors in their network to find an available technician. Once they see an available contractor, the claims rep sends over the customer information to set up the appointment.

This process is slow and time-consuming for the claims representative. They would spend hours contacting the contractors, waiting to hear back, and then sharing the customer information. With thousands of customers across the country, this process wasn't scaling with the company.

SHW sought to build an automated dispatching system that would reduce the effort for their claims staff and improve the experience and relationship with their contractors.

They already had a web application with their contractor and customer data. Our goal was to build a new system that reduced dispatching times from hours to minutes.

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To build an automated system, we needed to understand the correct process, bottlenecks, and interactions. We hosted a design workshop to draw out the flows and identify the current process. Our designer conducted user research and interviews with claims representatives to understand their perspective and pain points.

After our discovery process, we created a prototype of the solution and presented to their team for feedback. After a few iterations, we finalized the design and flow of the entire system. We spend the next month building out the automation and then spent a few weeks collecting feedback and iterating on the solution.

One of the core features of the system was the ability for claims reps to quickly view all local contractors organized by priority and last dispatched. Through this dispatching tool, they could easily select multiple contractors and send a dispatch request to all of them. Emails with job details would be sent out and the first contractor to accept would automatically receive customer information to set up an appointment.


The contractor dispatching system was launched last year and drastically reduced dispatch times per claim. The leadership team, as well as the claims team at SHW, have been incredibly excited as the automation software has helped streamline their processes. The project has been a huge success!

The mapping tool allows claims reps to view top rated contractors and easily send requests to as many as needed. The emails that are sent out to the contractors provide enough data to assess the job and accept or decline. If a contractor accepts the job, all other requests will become invalid. If nobody accepts the job, the team is notified and can select new contractors to request.

The automated emails to the customer and contractor provide all the details necessary to complete the job and close out the claim. Once the job is completed, the contractor will reach out to SHW, and they will confirm with the customer.

Kohactive worked with SHW to complete the following components for the automation system:

The new system has reduced contractor dispatching from hours to a few minutes. Over the past year, we’ve collected data on contractor experience and ratings. In the future, we will automatically dispatch the best local contractors based on our historical data which will fully automate the system.

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