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Creating lasting value for your organization

Custom software is a big investment. You need a partner who can translate your vision into meaningful impact that enables your organization to innovate and grow.

The team to help you succeed

When you work with Kohactive, our team becomes part of your team. We'll work together to mitigate risks, make smart trade-offs, and get the maximum value for your budget.

High Quality, Always

Quality is about research, understanding, and experienced makers. Our expert team will help you build the right product to deliver maximum value.

Small, Dedicated Teams

Our team is your team. We'll jump in and ramp up quickly. Your goals become our goals. We'll help navigate the risks of custom software development.

Agile & Lean

We understand that your business needs are always evolving. Our process is designed to adapt to shifting priorities and deliver the highest value product.

Full Accountability

We’re your partner, not your vendor. We ask our clients to participate in a deeply collaborative process. You’ll be in constant communication with our team every step of the way. From the current task to the big picture, you’ll always be part of the conversation.

Diligent Prioritization

Prioritization is the heart of our agile process. We're constantly reviewing the backlog and ensuring that we're working on the most impactful features and functionality.

We spend your money the way we’d spend our own. We only work on things that drive value. Our focus is always on providing the most value for the remaining budget.

Put Users First

Solving problems for users is vital to building successful products. Through human-centered design principles, we focus on the people that we're creating for. User research, interviews, and prototyping enable us to create the right solutions to real-world problems. This process helps us mitigate risk and reduce overall costs for projects.

Made in America

Our team is composed of highly skilled product managers, designers, and developers. We're based in Chicago, but we're remote-friendly with team members across the country. We never outsource.

You'll get your know your dedicated team throughout your project as they become part of your team.

How can we help transform your next big idea?
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