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Custom Web Development

Powerful websites, web apps, and interfaces that drive engagement, solve problems, and delight users.

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What we do

Fast, beautiful, and robust web development

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Interface Development

The interface is the primary touchpoint for users to interact with web and mobile based applications. Our team builds rich, powerful interfaces using the proven technologies that scale.

  • User Interface Development
  • Admin & Customer Dashboards
  • Fully responsive
  • HTML, CSS/SASS, and Javascript
  • Reusable components
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Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications enable us to build rich interfaces that handle the most complicated user interactions. Using javascript frameworks, we can build fast, responsive, and desktop-like experiences.

  • Ember
  • Angular JS
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API Development

Web applications needs a robust API to solve the most challenging business problems. Our team will build scalable web APIs that back the web and mobile applications that power your business.

  • Ruby & Node.js API Development
  • CRUD Interfaces
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Third-Party Integrations

Utilizing third-party APIs can be an efficient and low-cost means of accessing data or providing functionality for your users without the overhead of building custom software.

  • API Integrations (payments, analytics, etc)
  • Legacy Systems
  • Third Party Systems
  • Data Import & Export Tools
Case Study

Building a customer dashboard that improves reporting, streamlines communication, and delights.

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"Kohactive’s services have had a positive impact on our business. All the projects they have done for us have been a success."
- Joe Shrem, President, Select Home Warranty

Our technologies

Smart design, sophisticated technology

Ruby on Rails

We really like Ruby on Rails. We’ve worked with it for a long time, we've contributed to open source projects, and we've built all kinds of products on the framework. Using Ruby on Rails, our team can bring products to market quickly and with much lower overhead. The framework is robust and has an active and vibrant community.

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Node.js is a powerful tool for building web applications and services. We typically build APIs, microservices, micro-applications with Node. We’ll use node when it’s the best fit for your product.


WordPress is a powerful platform for building marketing and content driven websites. We often use WordPress to build MVPs at low costs by utilizing the various templates and plugins available. Woocommerce, a WP commerce engine, is a great tool for many types of e-commerce websites and applications.


Ember is a powerful javascript framework for building ambitious web and mobile applications. Unlike other frameworks, Ember focuses on convention over configuration. It’s the most mature of all of the frameworks and our top choice for building large, interactive web applications.

Angular JS

Angular is a popular framework for building mobile and web applications. Angular works great with Ionic and enables us to build multi-platform products quickly. Angular is a great framework for building simple single page applications or adding interactivity to existing applications.


Similar to Angular, React is a great library for building web applications that require a lot of javascript and interactivity. While the React is fairly basic, it can become very powerful when utilized with other React libraries and components.

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