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Our Playbook

Our playbook outlines how we design and build software, manage projects, and run our business.

We are kohactive, a software design and development agency. Over the past decade, we've helped countless companies build great web and mobile products.

This is our playbook. It details how we design and build software, manage our projects, and run our company. It's a living document and continues to evolve as we do.

Product Design Workshop

Product discovery is the first step in building software that solves real-world problems. We use this process at kohactive to shape an idea into an executable plan. Our goal is to develop a shared understanding of the problem and identify the business opportunities.

Project Process

Successful projects require collaboration, discipline, and a proven process. Over the past decade, we've continued to refine our process, improve our efficiencies and make communication a top priority. The following outlines our process for managing all types of projects.


Our human-centered design process is based on the principles of Design Thinking. We strive to build products that solve real-world problems for real people. Our designers utilize this approach to understand user problems and needs. We constantly engage the users during the evolution of a product in order to build, measure, and learn


Our development practices are based on the fundamentals of Extreme Programming. Over the years, we've found that a disciplined approach has led to more successful products and happier teams. This outlines our development practices and processes.


We believe sharing our processes with our team and others helps us continuously improve. The following outlines our processes for hiring, operations, feedback, and much more.