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Five of the Most Common Mistakes of First-Time Entrepreneurs

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Chicago Startups on the Rise: kohactive's Picks

These are our bets for 2016 Chicago Startups on the Rise.
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Before You Start Your Startup

How to identify and validate your startup before you start
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Improve Your Design Process with User Flows

Create meaningful user experiences by solving real user needs.
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Successful Companies That Started With a Minimum Viable Product

A few examples of startups that adopted the lean-startup approach with an MVP.
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Product Workshops: How To Kickstart Your Idea

A custom tailored session to ideate and identify your MVP.
Marketing automation

Ten tools to help build automated marketing websites

A collection of tools that any size company can use to start automating their marketing efforts.

Proxy APIs To Avoid Same-Origin Issues

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Using capistrano to deploy a Drupal site

Start deploying Drupal sites easily with Capistrano.
Responsive web design

ResponsiveImages: A Ruby Gem for Server and Client-Side Responsive Images

A simple, flexible and elegant solution for responsive images in rails applications.