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Logo Design Guidelines

Having a logo created is only the first step.
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Bootstrapping Your Startup: The Funding Conundrum

The pros and cons of bootstrapping your startup.
Marketing your startup hero

Marketing Your Startup: Getting Started

Some advice to get the marketing going when you startup.
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Native vs. Hybrid Apps

How to determine what mobile experience is best for your startup.
Startup pivot

Pivoting is Part of the Startup Process

Founders should embrace pivoting as a path toward success.
Before and after

Then and Now: What Did the Internet Look Like

Some popular local, governmental, and national company websites and how they have evolved.
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PR for the PR Newbie

Getting exposure for your startup
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Learning from Your Customers --or Future Customers

Cost Effective and Easy-to-Use Research Tools
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The Best Organizations in the Chicago Startup Scene

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Success and Failure: A Rebranding Story